MHRD released Draft National Education Policy 2019

Buy Alprazolam Cheap Ministry of Human Resource Development released a Draft National Education Policy 2019 to the public in order to learn opinion from the citizens.The central Government set up a NEP committee under the chairmanship of DrKrishnaswamyKasturirangan in 2017 to prepare a draft for New Education Policy,since changes have been found in world education system and in India.

After the thorough research and study, the committee prepared a draft consist of their suggestions and recommendations and handed over to MHRD. Now central Government has released the Draft in order to learn public opinion.

As per the Draft Education Policy 2019 the school education will be classified into four categories up to grade 12. It starts from the Foundational Stage, Preparatory Stage,Middle Stage andSecondary Stage.  

Xanax Placebo Effect Sale Cheap One of the major suggestions given by the committee is to give Free, safe, high quality, developmentally appropriate care and compulsory education from Pre-school to 12th Grade by 2025. A major reconfiguration of curricular and pedagogical structure with Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) as an integral part of school education is also proposed.The whole idea about Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) is to reduce the content load in the education curriculum and there will not be any hard separation of learning areas in terms of curricular, co-curricular or extracurricular areas and all subjects, including arts, music, crafts, sports, yoga, community service, etc. will be curricular.

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In higher education, the committee proposed three types of institutions such as Focused on world-class research and high-quality teaching,Focused on high-quality teaching across disciplines with significant contribution to research,High-quality teaching focused on undergraduate education. There will be re-construction of Undergraduate programs (e.g. BSc, BA, B.Com, B.Voc) of 3 or 4 years duration and having multiple exits and entry options.

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The draft also believes that a compulsory liberal arts training will help India double the number of entrants in higher education also called gross enrolment ratio from the current 25.8 to 50 per cent, in the next one and a half decades. But, contrary to established policy wisdom, it suggests a route to this expansion in a large-scale merger of colleges and universities in the country bringing down the total number of higher educational institutions from around 50,000 at present to a maximum of 12,300 over the next two decades. It then assumes an impossible uniformity of local social conditions across institutional contexts, and predicts a doubling of student intake by quartering the number of institutions.

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Buying Xanax Amsterdam Moreover, the education will remain a ‘not for profit activity for both private and public institutions. There are supportive funding for the educational institution by increasing public investment in education and also several education policy will be implemented in order to promote internationalization of higher education, strengthening quality open and distance learning, technology integration at all levels of education, adult and lifelong learning and initiatives to enhance participation of underrepresented groups and eliminate gender, social category and regional gaps in education.

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MHRD extends deadline to submit suggestions on draft of New Education Policy till July 31. The draft of the New Education Policy 2019 is available at . Suggestions and Comments were invited by the HRD Ministry till 31st July 2019 @ [email protected] but the date may be extended.

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