Mr. Jose Abraham, Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India is the Chairman of PAIDEIA Institute for Training and Research in Social Sciences, managed by the Paideia Foundation, New Delhi aims at moulding ideal citizens in the modern world by introducing them to the ancient disciplines of Philosophy, Religion, and Law. Making available professional research, education, and training in the areas of Philosophy, Religion, and Law is the raison d’etre of the Institute. At the Institute, we make possible a humanizing education that re-creates men free in thought and action and aim at moulding citizens of samyagdarshana (right faith), samyagjnana (right knowledge), and samyakcharitra (right conduct). Letting students see for themselves what is right and use that light to transform themselves remains the pedagogical philosophy governing education at Paideia. Research  PaideiaInstitute ensures professional research in the disciplines of Philosophy, Religion and Law. Knowledge creation and transformation forms the crust of Paideia education. Training  Regular training on various life skills, common laws, and practical ethics to ready people on the ground for everyday life is part of holistic education at Paideia. Paideiaorganises certified training programmes by qualified and experienced professionals on various topics such as POCSO, Life Skills, RTI Act 2005, Workplace Harassment, Safe Emigration, World Religions, Professional Ethics, NGO Management etc. Education Traditional and modern modes of educational initiatives, incorporating ancient wisdom to form ideal citizens for the modern world, make possible the Paideia vision. Publication  Paideia Academy Press and Paideia Books, imprints of Paideia Foundation, make quality educational materials available for education and training.



A seminar on POCSO Act in Faridabad, New Delhi

Paideia Institute organised a seminar on Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act for Heads of Educational Institutions in Faridabad, New Delhi

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Seminar on “Safe Emigration in the context of Punjab”

Paideia Institute organised a seminar on “Safe Emigration in the context of state of Punjab” in association with Caritas India at Chandigarh.

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Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

CBCI Council for women conducted a session cooperation with Paideiaon the topic“Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace”inPalai, Kerala

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Legal literacy Mission: Tips on RTI Act

CBCI office organised a seminar tie-up with Paideiaon the topic “Tips on RTI Act 2005 for the Labourers.

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