Advocate Jose Abraham is the Founder President of registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working to empower people with the power of law. It is a group of retired Judges, Advocates, Social Activists, Journalists and inspired citizens of India primarily Working to empower people with the power of law and to ensure them social justice. PLC began its journey in 2009. It has been a decade providing pro bono legal services to the poor and the voiceless.

Pravasi Legal Cell endeavors to mitigate a wide range of injustice that the common man encounters in everyday life. We aim at protecting the vitality and dignity of human life without discrimination on any ground such as caste, religion, gender, language, place of birth etc. and ensuring the constitutional and legal rights of the common man.


Public Interest Litigation – Channeling Social Change

Bringing relevant social and legal concerns to the attention of various High Courts and the Supreme Court of India in the form of Public Interest Litigations is an important area of activity for us. Recognizing larger social causes in individual petitions and taking them up before the concerned Courts is a powerful source of social change. Pravasi Legal Cell filed 7 PIL during Covid-19 pandemic. With every successful PIL, our commitment to social change gets strengthened further.


Pro bono Legal Aid – Our Commitment to the Society

The initiating and driving force behind Pravasi Legal Cell is providing to the deserving cases in which those people who cannot afford the process of getting due justice.

Training and spreading Legal Awareness – Empowering People on Legal Front

Pravasi Legal Cell is committed to spreading legal awareness among the public. Our team of trainers, in association with leading academic institutions and government and non-government organizations, conduct certified workshops and training sessions on various laws and rights of citizens like workplace safety and security, human rights, safe emigration, protection of children etc. We strongly believe that without imparting legal awareness, laws would not be efficient in protecting the citizens and helping them achieve justice.

Research and Publication – Creating and Extending Knowledge

Pravasi legal Cell has a dedicated research team of academicians and lawyers who conduct in-depth analysis of various social and legal issues. Booklets, brochures, videos, and easy to read books are published regularly on different laws and legal rights. These are made available online as well as in print.

Niyamavedi – A Platform to raise Voice for Justice

Pravasi Legal Cell conducts Niyamavedi in association with leading organizations across the country on issues requiring legal intervention. Each Niyamavedi is a platform where a panel of advocates and experts listen to the grievances of people and guide them. Any common concern conveyed during such Niyamavedis and requiring legal intervention is brought to the attention of the concerned authorities and the judiciary.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains – Caring Hands for the Grieving Minds

Death of a dear one can be unsettling for anyone. It is all the more painful and worrisome if it happens away from one’s home state. Along with all the medical and legal complexities involved in repatriation comes immense financial burden as well.

The team of Pravasi Legal Cell is committed to providing every little care and assistance that the grieving minds require in their helpless moments of agony during international repatriation or domestic transportation of mortal remains.


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


Pravasi Legal Cell organised a Niyamavedi on the topic “Is Independence of Indian Judicial System in Peril?” at the BTH, Ernakulam. Sri. Sanjay Hegde, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble Justice (Rtd) P. K. Shamsuddin, High Court of Kerala, Hon’ble Justice (Rtd) C. S. Rajan, High Court of Kerala, Sri. Jose Abraham, Advocate-on-Record – Supreme Court of India 

Date: August 14, 2019 8:46 am


Pravasi Legal Cell organised a Niyamavedi on “Pravasis and Human Rights Violations” on July 13, 2019 at Ernakulam Press Club, Kochi. Justice M. R. Hariharan Nair, Former Ombudsman for Local Self Government Institutions inaugurated the event. Judge P. Mohan Das, Judicial Member, Kerala State Human Rights Commission delivered the keynote address. Adv. Jose Abraham, Founder President Pravasi Legal Cell, Adv

Date: August 13, 2019 8:43 am


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